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This category lists scammers who pretend to be single men and scam women, usually out of money. The typical story is a wealthy businessman who got somehow stranded in Nigeria and needs your financial aid to be able to come back to his home country where he promises to marry you.


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Dating scammer JOHN WILLIAMS




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Hello all,
Forgive the length of my story, but I need off of this anguish, I know that time will help me overcome it, but today it was destroyed emotionally and economically.
I met this wonderful evening page, and really has opened my eyes, Thank you !!!!!, after hearing all the stories and my God! are all the same, or very similar. I did not know anything at all this fabric of Nigerian scammers, or from other countries, totally ignorant of all this. My Mother! If I had known before ....
I have been swindled by a man named John Williams contacted me through meetic. He lives in Compton - California, is German, 43 years, moved to California 5 years ago, two years after the death of his wife at the birth of their only daughter. The same day we started to chat told me it was going to travel to Nigeria for a contract, he is an architect, and it all started here, a week from start to chat me said he had problems with the fees for the work they had done, he was told about high taxes, he had already paid a large sum and had run out of money ... I could not appeal to anyone that his father was very old who was in charge of their daughter, their whole money was in use and could not remove it, even gave me the name of the bank. That was my first contribution by Western Union. Subsequently began love letters, chat every day several times. Then came the ticket to the USA, also helped him, and after you have everything arranged, even claimed the money for their work, and was so happy to use, since the day he was going to catch the morning flight very early, called me to chat with me showing great joy because they could finally leave this country, that afternoon received a call from a Nigerian was not his own, saying he had had an accident on his way to the airport and was in the hospital, then started again with the need for money because they stole everything they had, including money for their work. I helped him back to the hospital bill, but because they could not get out of there, so when the hospital was left to the airport to see if I could recover the flight could not return to help with money and now after almost two months with This story appears with new rates, which I have already learned that there are no PTA that you claimed for this work carried out there. He said he went to the embassy, but he said they had not helped him. I asked him to send me a copy of your passport, and did so when I saw it and print it, counterfeit fraud, the numbers and dates written in another font, as well as his signature was not a pen, but typed. This individual has me off nearly $ 6,000, with great sacrifice they gave. Continuously between these confessions were true love, marriage, e-mails, poems, calls every day by phone, text, etc.. and I fell into this. Even worse, saying that was a swindler, who would not receive a penny from me or more, until yesterday still trying to contact me. I need to do something, I will denounce it, I have written to inform Meetic for the nick you have and that is a scammer, and has two other nick in Meetic, a fully coincide with the profile that is on another web site, same name, age, location and photographs of those sent me .. I'm torn with this. Hopes to overcome little by little. Probably not belong so that I have read in the forum to the same person, I see them as natural, I do not know what I think ... I need support please.
COMPTON - California
AGE: 43
DATE OF BIRTH: 14-08-1.965
Thanks for everything.

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